Become a Brow Lamination expert

Have you always wanted to become a real brow queen? You’re in luck! With the courses given by Imperium Brow Lamination trainers you will be a professional in no time! We would be glad to look at pictures of your models, give feedback and answer your questions. We want our course members to be able to work professionally and make power brows!

“Create your own success story with Imperium henna and create the most beautiful brows! We are building an empire together to give the world the most fabulous perfect brows!”


Team Imperium Brow Lamination

Perfect for

Clients who are unhappy about their eyebrows.

Perfect for

Clients wanting to improve the shape of their eyebrows.

Perfect for

Clients wanting to grow out areas of sparce eyebrows.

Perfect for

Clients who wants naturel fluffy brows!